Friday, 26 May 2017

Acquisition - Social Login 👥

In its article "15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach Around Customer Behaviors and Preferences", IBM Marketing Cloud is talking about Acquisition.

"With constant pressure in many companies to grow their contact list/database, acquisition is a key function for the majority of marketers. Typically, effective marketers use a combination of several tactics to drive database growth, including events, focus groups, content marketing, print/TV/radio advertising, SEO, paid media, social, telemarketing, email, SMS and more. Some marketers tend to focus on more outbound activities despite the potential for inbound marketing to substantially improve lead generation results. If your message is already resonating with an individual, then there’s a good chance of that person converting from an unknown to a known lead through the acquisition process. Here are some easy-to-implement tactics to help enhance your acquisition efforts:

1. Social Login 👥
More than 2 billion people (about 1/3 of the world’s population) use social networks. Allowing customers to register using one of their social IDs such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can help make the opt-in experience faster and better, something that’s even more critical given the increase in engagement on smartphones, where filling out forms can be cumbersome. 

From a marketer’s perspective, this reduces form abandonment and provides access to key pieces of customers’ social profile data (exact fields vary depending on the social network) that can be used to retarget and personalize the customer experience. Relatively easy to implement, social login is a list acquisition strategy you should strongly consider if you aren’t already employing it."
To be continued....
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Summer 2017: what Irish people are planning to do? 🌞

Our recent iReach survey has revealed that 72% of adults in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this summer!

Of those going on holiday 68% are holidaying abroad. And you know what? Spain is the most popular summer destination! ⛳

In terms of popular Irish summer destinations, 36% will go to Kerry, 25% - Galway, 22% - Cork, 22% - Mayo and 20% - Wexford.

Summer is the hottest season with the longest days, the shortest nights and people that take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors and going on holidays. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about their plans for Summer. As a result, 72% of people in Ireland are planning to go on holidays this Summer.

When asked “Are you going to spend your Summer holidays abroad or in Ireland this year?”, 68% state they will go abroad, 15% will holiday in Ireland and 17% will spend holidays abroad as well as in Ireland. Going deeper it’s emerged that, on one side, of those that decide to holiday abroad - 72% are men and 64% are women; and on the other side, of those that decide to holiday in Ireland 9% are men and 20% women. Then there is a trend that women prefer to spend summer holidays in Ireland more than men. In terms of destinations when asked where planning the holidays 38% of adults in Ireland choose Spain, 19% Portugal, 13% Italy, 12% England and 9% France.

When asked “What do you enjoy about holiday?” 98% of people enjoy relaxing, 90% enjoy the break from work. Other popular choices were drinking alcohol (79%), going to the beach (78%), shopping (67%) and exercising (53%). 

When asked “What do you love most about Summer?”, 75% love the warmer temperatures, 63% - longer days, 61% - the sun and 49% love spending more time with family and friends.

The majority of people in Ireland (59%) state that Summer is their favorite season. Although Summer is yet to come the survey highlights that people plan summer holidays far in advance.

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Friday, 28 April 2017

Terrorism - How safe do people feel in Ireland?

55% of people in Ireland consider terrorism to be a threat in Ireland.

More than half (52%) of adults think the terrorism is reported correctly by the media.

If compared with the results from a survey carried out in February 2017, there is an increase of 4% that think terrorism is under-exaggerated (30%).

Over half (52%) of us think that everywhere has the potential to be a dangerous terrorist hotspot.

Half (50%) of adults feel somewhat safe in Ireland and 30% feel very safe.

55% feel safe having police and security around.

ISIS’s attacks are an ongoing threat to the Western World, but terrorism continues to affect us with recent attacks London and in Paris. In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1000 adults were asked about their thoughts on terrorism. As a result, 55% of people in Ireland consider terrorism to be a threat in Ireland. When looked at closer, there is a trend that the older you are the more you consider terrorism to be a threat (45% of adults aged 18-34 and 72% of adults aged 55+). It is also emerged that 82% of adults in Ireland had never taken anti-terrorism measures to guarantee their security.

Of that 18% who answered Yes when asked “Which measures have you taken to keep yourself safe?”, 57% said they have avoided crowed places, 34% didn’t travel, 22% memorised emergency numbers and 12% cancelled holidays. Going deeper it’s emerged that of those decided to cancel their holidays 18% are men and 7% women. 38% considers effective against terrorism give up vacations in certain cities, 30% stay away from crowed and popular venues, 28% learn how to behave when facing a terrorist attack, 20% know some key phrases (like “I need help", "Take me to a doctor!") in the language of the country they travel.

22% [29% male, 16% female] of people in Ireland think that the problem of terrorism is over-exaggerated by the media, 26% [29% male, 16% female] that is under-exaggerated and 52% [45% male, 58% female] is reported as it is. Going deeper also emerged that the majority of people (69%) who believe that it is reported as is represented by adults ages 55 or more.

When asked “Where do you think are terrorist hotspots?”, 52% [47% male, 56% female] think that everywhere is dangerous, 39% think crowded popular venues [41% male, 38% female], 30% airports and 27% public transport. 46% don’t travel to certain cities due to the fear of terrorism. In terms of personal safety and security, 30% of us feel very safe in Ireland, 50% somewhat safe, 5% somewhat unsafe, 2% not safe at all and 14% don’t feel safe neutral.

There are different forms of security that make people in Ireland feel safe. 55% feel safe having police and security around, 53% feel safer when there are security checks at concerts or a large events, and 40% think that CCTV makes them feel safe. Although the majority of us (82%) who live in Ireland are not used to take anti-terrorism measures to feel safe the survey highlights how we try on our on to manage daily this fear, and what normally makes us feel safe.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

St. Patrick's Day ☘️

️ The countdown till St. Patrick’s Day is on, with only a few days to go! ☘️ 

57% of people in Ireland describe the level of alcohol consumed as far too much on St. Patrick’s Day.
44% of adults in Ireland won’t wear anything special on St. Patrick’s Day!
51% of those who will drink alcohol this Friday will drink beer and 15% will have a Guinness.
68% of people in Ireland believe that people only have parties, fancy dresses and pints on their mind and forget about the religious aspect of St. Patrick’s Day!

The weather should stay dry for the week, ideal for our national holiday this Friday – St. Patrick’s Day! In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked all about St. Patrick’s Day and their plans for the national holiday. 54% people in Ireland are a fan of our national holiday St Patricks Day. When asked “How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?”, 36% of adults will spend time at home with their family and friends, 34% will go to the parade, 24% won’t do anything special [30% male, 18% female], 18% will go out for drinks and 14% of adults in Ireland will watch the parade on TV.

44% of people in Ireland won’t wear anything special for Paddy’s Day, one in three (30%) will be wearing one green item of clothing for Paddy’s Day [Male: 22%, Female: 38%], 16% will wear fresh shamrock, 12% of adults in Ireland will be wearing several green items of clothing and you’ll see 3% of adults in Ireland wearing all green clothing

47% of people in Ireland will drink alcohol and 53% won’t. Half (51%) of those who will drink alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day will drink beer [69% male, 30% female], wine 35%, spirits (23%) [16% male, 32% female], cider (14%) and 15% of those who will drink alcohol on this Friday will drink Guinness [Male: 22%, Female: 6%].

5% of people in Ireland believe that people think about the religious association on St. Patrick’s Day, 68% think that people only have parties, fancy dresses and pints on their mind, 14% answered with “both” and 13% of adults in Ireland do not know if people think about the religious aspect of St. Patrick’s Day. 

When asked “How would you describe the level of alcohol consumption on St. Patrick’s Day?”, more than the half (57%) of people in Ireland answered with “far too much consumed” [Male: 50%, Female: 63%], 32% think a lot is consumed, 6% answered with “a reasonable amount is consumed” and 5% of adults in Ireland think that not that much is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

About the day of love ❤

74% of those survey are in a relationship but only 42% will celebrate Valentine’s day.
Just 55% will buy something for their partner to Valentine’s day.
Half of adults (51%) in Ireland will buy a “Valentine’s Day” card.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day – the day of love.
In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about Valentine’s day and if they will celebrate it tomorrow with their otherhalf and how they would do so.

7% of adults in Irelands are huge fans of Valentine’s day, interestingly 10% of males and 5% of females answered that they’re a huge fan. 20% are somewhat a fan of Valentine’s, 38% are not really a fan and 35% are not a fan of Valentines day at all. 80% of those who answered they’re not a fan of Valentine’s day aren’t one because they think it’s too commercialized, 45% aren’t a fan because everything is overpriced and 28% because they think it’s not a celebration. 57% of those who are a fan of Valentine’s day are one because they think it’s a good reminder to appreciate your relationship, 47% think it’s a nice day to remember with your partner [58% male, 37% female] and 45% like Valentine’s day to celebrate love.

74% of people in Ireland are currently in a relationship and 26% are single. 5% of those who are currently not available are in a relationship less than a year, 30% are in one for more than one year and 65% are married [42% of those who are married, are married for more than 10 years].

Less than half (42%) of those in a relationship will celebrate Valentine’s day on the 14th of February, 5% will have celebrated it last weekend, 8% will celebrate it the following weekend, 9% on a separate day and 36% won’t celebrate it. 

People in Ireland will celebrate Valentine’s day with dinner (33%), staying in and watch a movie together (26%), with a weekend away (10%), go for a few drinks (12%) and go to cinema (11%). Just over half of respondents(55%) will buy a present for their partner and 45% won’t. When asked “What will you buy?”, people answered with buying a card (51%) [40%:male, 65%: female], flowers (37%) [,61%: male, 7% female] chocolate (33%), a hotel break (9%), jewellery (7%), a teddy (4%) and aftershave/perfume (4%).

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Winter Blues ☃

52% of people feel deflated returning to work in January.

34% experience low energy and lack of motivation in January and February.
61% cite lack of bright light available naturally due to shorter winter days as a reason for the Winter Blues.

69% of adults in Ireland believe that they are strong enough to beat the Winter blues and stay positive and upbeat while 8% don’t feel like they are strong enough to beat the winter blues and stay positive and upbeat.
Ways to combat the Winter Blues; 86% relax in home, 82% go out for walks, 80% spend time with family and friends.

In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about Winter blues and how they go about combatting them. Over half (52%) of adults in Ireland feel deflated returning to work in January with 61% of respondents citing lack of bright natural light as reason for the Winter Blues and one in four citing unpaid credit card bills for Christmas expenses as a reason for feeling low.

When asked “Do you experience any issues in the month of January/February?” 34% of people in Ireland experience low energy and lack of motivation. 23% of people experience lethargy, 18% experience anxiety, 17% experience sleep problems and 16% of people experience depression.
In order to combat those Winter Blues 86% of respondents will relax at home, 82% of respondents will go out for walks and 80% will spend time with their family and friends. One in three (35%) of us will focus on work, one in four (27%) of us will come up with a new personal image and one in five (22%) will volunteer in the community.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Dramatic drop in temperatures - Do you drink more hot beverages in the cold? 🍵☕

☃ Temperatures are set to plummet by 10 degrees for the weekend ahead and heavy downpours and gusty winds are all in the forecast. Winter has arrived and our only escape from the freezing, cold, wet weather outside is going into a cosy, warm home and sit down by the fire to enjoy a hot cuppa. 
Unsurprisingly, 95% of Irish adults drink hot drinks. 43% of Irish Adults drink more hot beverages in cold seasons, for 55% of Irish people it doesn’t make a difference whether its cold or hot. Interestingly, the younger demogrpahic is more inclined to drink a hot beverage in the cold weather, with 61% of 18-34 year olds enjoying a hot beverage in the cold and only 28% of 55+ age group. Whereas for 71% of the 55+ age group, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining, hailing, snowing or the sun is shining they will enjoy their hot beverage just as much.
The majority of those surveyed (83%) drink coffee and tea a few times a day.

When iReach Insights asked "When do you prefer having a hot beverage?" 40% like to have a hot beverage during the whole day, 32% prefer to have their hot drink in the mornings and for 19% it doesn’t make a difference. Only 5% prefer having their warm drinks in the afternoon and 4% in the evening.
43% of Irish respondents are tea drinkers, 33% are coffee drinkers and 22% consider themselves tea and coffee drinkers.

Some surveyed enjoy some brands more than other ones, including Nescafe (8%), coffee shops like Costa, Insomnia or Starbucks (4%), store own brands like Aldi, Lidl or Tesco (5%), Nespresso (5%), Twinings (1%). The age old debate of which tea do you prefer? Lyons or Barrys? Unfortunately we can’t shed any light on that as 14% enjoy Lyons as their top preference and 14% prefer Barrys
35% of all respondents don’t have a favorite brandInterestingly, from the respondents who decided that they don’t have a brand which they enjoy most, this comprised of 57% being male and 43% being female, showing that Irish females are more brand orientated than Irish males.

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